Winding Down

Grodin's Views On Clinton's Last Days

As we come to the end of the Clinton administration, those who are thrilled the president is going have been made really uneasy, because while it's clear he's going, it's also clear that he isn't actually leaving.

After their presidencies ended, President Bush went back to Kennebunkport; President Carter went back to Georgia; President Reagan returned to California. President Clinton is moving down the street.

He's going to be living in a house pretty close to Vice President-elect Cheney and a lot of ambassadors - right in the middle of everything.

For the next six months he's also got a transition office, and it's right across the street from the White House. His wife will be working in Washington and after four years, the Clintons may even try to move again to a bigger house there. Did someone say leaving?

He's liked the job so much he said recently he considered not sleeping for the rest of his term to make it all last longer.

He keeps going to places where people just love him. Elvis has definitely not left the building.

Recently, Clinton told Dan Rather: "I just need a little time to decompress. Like I said, I want to take care of my family and see what happens."

Just see what happens.

Former presidents traditionally kind of fade into the background. Not Bill Clinton. He's the first president to be married to a senator. So there he was over at the swearing in.

President-elect Bush recently expressed his gratitude to President Clinton for meeting with him. I wonder if he'll be just as happy to see him in a few weeks.

I can hear the call now: "Hi. I'm in the neighborhood. I thought I'd just stop by."

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