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Win a Trip Into Space?

Web sites use all kinds of contests and gimmicks to attract attention. A site called is taking those tactics to new heights. Literally.

"Our most exciting sweepstakes to date will be our space launch, where we're launching one of our members into outer space. They're actually going to go breach the atmosphere and go over fifty miles high into space in a sub-orbital space flight. The flight will last anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes."
Sweepsclub CEO Richard Kaufman. What the company is doing is teaming up with an outfit called Space Adventures, which plans to start launching tourists into space within three to five years. The price of a ticket… a hundred thousand dollars. The Sweepsclub winner will be selected in early October, so he or she will have plenty have time to prepare …and think things over…

"If you decide you don't want to go, we're giving you what we call our chicken out option. There's a fifty thousand dollar prize that you can take instead. There's also a rigorous training program before you do go, so if you don't qualify, you can also take the fifty thousand dollar prize."
Why not go? Think of all the publicity! The talk shows! Beats marrying a stranger or eating bugs on an island. You can find links to enter if you dare from our home at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.

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