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William, Kate in friendly competition in Canada

When it comes to flying or rowing, Prince William and Catherine like to turn up the friendly competition -- and although they are now husband and wife, it doesn't mean either one will back down.

The royal couple is visiting Canada's Northwest Territory, not too far from Alaska. They got a big welcome last night in the small town of Yellowknife.

After a full day on Prince Edward Island, which is thousands of miles to the east, even the rain couldn't dampen everybody's spirits there. William and Kate are used to a little precipitation where they come from, CBS News Royal Contributor Victoria Arbiter remarked to "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill.

"They felt right at home!" she said. "Kate even declined an umbrella at one point, so that's how normal it felt."

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The couple had a jam-packed day yesterday, and the highlights included "water birding," which was William landing a helicopter on the water, and a dragon boat race.

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"I think yesterday was my favorite day on the tour so far. We saw a much less formal, much more relaxed side to the couple," Arbiter said. "William specifically requested to go water birding. It's an art form that the Canadian air force has perfected, and you can't really do it anywhere else in the world. He very successfully took off and landed his seeking helicopter on the lake, while Kate took pictures."

Then came the dragon boat race -- which was when the friendly competition really started.

"Kate has talked about how competitive the couple is, that they can't complete a tennis game, because one of them is a sore loser," Arbiter said. "So, we did see William come in first. He did give her a consolation hug at the end while she tried to push him in the water. So again, we saw a really playful side to the couple."

What's on deck today?

According to Arbiter, there will be a walk-about in Yellowknife, and then they're going to be treated to a demonstration of arctic sports. "We're going to see the competitive spirit kick in again. They're going to compete in a street hockey penalty shoot-out."

"It's going to be on the rink, but there's no ice, of course, with the time of year," she adds. "They're then going to take a float plane, 30 minutes east of Yellow Knife where they're going to meet some of the Canadian rangers. William and Harry were made honorary rangers in 2009, so William is especially keen to get there."

While Kate has been showing off her athletic side, she hasn't missed a beat on the fashion front.

"Every choice has been inspired. Yesterday, she arrived in Prince Edward island in an nautical-themed dress that bears a striking resemblance to a costume worn by the character Anne Shirley in the "Anne of Green Gables" adaptation. A mistake? I think not," Arbiter said.

"The blue dress she wore in Quebec is the exact same shade of blue as the flag of Quebec. Yesterday, Fourth of July, she was wearing J. Brand jeans, an American designer on the Fourth of July. Coincidence? Again, I think not. When we look at the impact, her fashion sense has -- the cream Joseph dress that she wore on Sunday sold out in eight minutes."

After a busy schedule, the royal couple will actually get a break - "a well-earned 24 hours off," Arbiter says. "Tomorrow morning, they're going to fly to Alberta province. The press, their officials, the aides are all going on to Calgary to resume the tour on Thursday. William and Kate have a whole 24 hours of down time, of private time. I think they're really going to enjoy that."

Everybody can use a break at this point. There's been so much speculation that the couple is trying to have a baby after a little comment that Kate made, which is being completely blown out of proportion, Arbiter says.

"Kate threw out a passing comment to a young man about how beautiful his daughter was, he in turn said, 'Thank you. I wish you well in starting a family.' She said, 'Yes, I hope so.' Suddenly, that means she's trying for a baby -- when is it going to happen?" Arbiter said. "William and Harry were both born within a year of their parents' marriage. So poor Kate -- everyone is expecting March there to be a new heir to the throne. It's a lot of pressure. Everyone needs to back off."