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Willey Talks to '60 Minutes'

[March 15,1998] Sources tell CBS New Correspondent Scott Pelley that Kenneth Starr's prosecutors are moving quickly to build a perjury case against President Clinton that would be referred to Congress for possible impeachment proceedings.

The case centers on what the president said in his sworn deposition about Monica Lewinksy and Kathleen Willey.

CBS News 60 Minutes Co-Editor Ed Bradley has interviewed Willey.

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In the interview, Willey told Bradley that the president took her into a study where she told him she had to give up her work as a volunteer and she needed a paying job at the White House.

She said that at that point Mr. Clinton put his arms around her, consoled her, hugged her and then kissed her on the lips. Willey said the president then fondled her breasts, told her he had "wanted to do this ever since he first laid eyes on her" and then placed her hand on his crotch.

Mrs. Willey explained that she pushed away from the President and said "I think I better go." Outside the Oval Office, she said she ran into Linda Tripp and told her what had happened.

To see Scott Pelley's and Ed Bradley's reports, click above. And see Ed Bradley's full report this Sunday on 60 Minutes.

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