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Willam Hung: Singing The Boos

For William Hung, it was a homecoming with his own back-up dancers. It was the engineering student's first performance on his University of California at Berkeley campus since he burst to fame on the TV show "American Idol" singing "She Bangs." National Correspondent Hattie Kauffman reports.

Despite judge Simon Cowell's predictable disdain, Hung won America's hearts with his simple enthusiasm. On the show Hung admitted to Simon, "You know, I have no professional training of singing." To which Simon ironically remarked, "No."

Asked then what is the reason Hung is so popular, he says, "Because I believe it's my personality and attitude toward life."

Some people say that they love him because he is so honest. Hung agrees, "I'm genuine, yes," he says.

The new-found fame has been quite hard to believe, Hung says, "I'm surprised, definitely, but I just got to do my best and go with it."

You know you're famous when you're parodied on "Saturday Night Live."
After watching a skit about himself, Hung says with a laugh, "I have to say it's funny."

On a fan Web site more than 70,000 people have written to say they want him back on "American Idol." And Wednesday night, he got some more good news.

Marc Juris, president of Fuse Music Television announced, "We're here tonight, Fuse and Kotch Entertainment. to offer William a real-life, no-kidding-around record contract."

Hung is still thinking about the offer and is undecided. He says, "Until I review the details, not yet."

To further his career, he's taking singing lessons and says he is not afraid of losing his fans once his performance gets polished. On the contrary, he says, "I think I'll fare better because the fans already like me; then I should deal with the critics."

Who knows whether people will actually buy his album? But he can definitely draw a crowd. Wednesday night's volleyball game has a bigger turnout than normal. It's all because of Hung.

He sang "She Bangs" for the crowd and received huge applause.

Kauffman asks the crowd about what they think of Hung and one man says, "He's the next American icon, bigger than Jimi Hendrix was in his day."

A woman notes, "I love the way he came back at Simon. It's about dignity." No matter whether he can sing or not, "That doesn't matter, it's about dignity," she says.

And the back-up dancers say they would be happy to sing on his album. "We'll be your back-up dancers anytime. We'll go on tour with him," they say.

Girls even brought banners with "We love you William!" written on them.

Hung, who also sang an unprecedented four songs on "The Ellen Degeneres Show," sang a few bars of "She Bangs" for The Early Show.

There's a chance that William Hung might still have a shot at being the next "American Idol," if fans are offered the opportunity to choose him as a "wild card" pick. Well, we can't wait to hear what Simon says.

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