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Will These Guys Shock Barack Obama?

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This is the first video interview I've done with two guys at a gas station on the side of the road. Of course Brian Wismann and David Schiff have made the pit stop on their Brammo enertia powercycles en route from Detroit, to Washington, DC for a reason.

The lead designer of Brammo and Creative Director at Crispin Porter Bogusky are on a mission to "shock" President Barack Obama with his very own powercyle - what is pegged as the most efficient electric vehicle in America. They also happen to be taking the very same path, sans private jets, that the automotive CEO'S took to the White House asking the government for loans.

The two began their journey on October 13th and plan to meet with congressman, senators, and the Department of Energy in Washington D.C. next Tuesday in hopes of giving the President his electric present by the end of day. If not, they will hand it off to the DOE or the Smithsonian.

While the two have had to withstand the cold, rain and strangers couches along the way, their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the cause has kept them going. Three simple, yet powerful words painted on their bikes might also be helping them along the way: Yes We Can.

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