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Will Obama Help or Hurt Democrats in November?

On "Washington Unplugged" Tuesday, Stuart Rothenberg of the Rothenberg report said that while the Obama administration might shift policy priority to help downticket Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections, "kitchen table" issues will remain front and center in November.

"Democrats have to turn to jobs and the economy to convinced they are doing things," he told moderator Bill Plante, CBS News' senior White House correspondent.

"This has been a very difficult Congress for the Democrats," the Washington Post's Scott Wilson admitted and said that congressional Democrats will probably start perusing financial regulatory reform and the Supreme Court Citizens United case. Both issues could help them in November.

"That's the kind of issue that the Democrats can structure in a way so it looks as though they are taking on big business," Rothenberg said. "But I think kitchen table issues are going to be so important in the Fall that they may be able to 'win' a fight or two, but on these big pieces of legislation -- immigration, climate change, cap and trade -- these things have no chance in the near future with the blood bath on health care reform," he added.

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