Will Obama Girls Be On "Hannah Montana"?

Malia and Sasha Obama aren't even living in the White House yet, but the soon-to-be first daughters are already getting the star treatment.

They've been invited to appear on "Hannah Montana" by none other than Billy Ray Cyrus, father of the show's star, Miley Cyrus. The Disney Channel then issued a statement saying, "We're pleased that Malia and Sasha are fans and, as long as their parents say it's OK, they are invited to the set of 'Hannah Montana' and all Disney Channel shows, for a guest role or a visit, anytime."

The big question now is: Will Barack and Michelle Obama let them?

"The official Obama line said, 'It's a very generous offer,' " observes Betsy Gleick, executive editor of People magazine, which has been covering the future first family. "We don't know whether they will ever do this. It's kind of hard to imagine, given the way Michelle and Barack are handling their family matters right now."

"They're big 'Hannah Montana' and Jonas Brothers fans, like every seven- and ten-year-old girl in America," Gleick told Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen Wednesday. "Disney is sensing that these are the cutest things out there right now, and they would love to have them on the show."

Gleick says she expects that Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, will wind up going to private school, as they do in their hometown of Chicago, as opposed to attending D.C. public schools. "There have been reports that Michelle has toured several of the premium private schools in Washington," Gleick says, and that seems like a likely choice."

How will having kids their age in the White House change things?

"Already," Gleick responded, "the Obamas have made it incredibly clear what their priorities are. Not only Michelle, but the president-elect, when they toured the White House this week, wanted to see the girls' rooms. They are making it clear that they're sort of putting their family first -- or, if not first, completely equal with the weight of the world."

And what about the first puppy?

"He would like to adopt one (from a shelter)," Gleick says. "Malia, earlier in the year, was interested in getting a Yorkie. She has asthma. They need something that's not allergenic. Barack mentioned a Labra-doodle. Obviously, this is the most hotly-anticipated puppy on the planet."

Gleick agreed with Chen's assessment that sales will shoot up for whatever breed the Obamas wind up getting.