Will iPhone App Save Your Life? New Edible Microchip Connects to Smartphones

medical developer proteus is testing a new device and application that will alert patients as to when they are not taking their heart medication

(CBS) Helping heart patients take their medication as prescribed?

There's an app for that.

Silicon Valley start-up Proteus Biomedical claims they have a system they can put edible microchips inside most pill medications.

A computerized skin patch then detects whether medications have been taken on time. The results are fired out to an iPhone application via Bluetooth.

The company claims the "Proteus Raisin" system keeps track of the pills taken, and when, along with pulse, heart rate, and physical activity level.

If the patient forgets to take a pill on schedule or takes the wrong dose, the error shows up on the iPhone app. Medication errors and details of the patient's condition can also be collected and charted by the patient's doctor at a later time.

The device is not yet on sale, according to Gizmodo. But the device's  manufacturer says clinical trials are under way.