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Will Ferrell: New flick a "unique" kind of funny

Will Ferrell is known for physical, laugh-out-loud blockbuster comedies, such as"Anchorman," "Elf" and "Talladega Nights." But in a new turn on the big screen, the actor takes a departure from the expected.

On "The Early Show" Ferrell's described his role in "Everything Must Go" as "unique."

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He explained, "It's basically the story of a guy who finds out in one day that he's fired from his job, after 13, 15 years. Comes home, finds out his wife has left him, he's locked out of his house and all of his personal possessions are thrown on his front lawn. Basically, his life is turned upside down, and instead of kind of fleeing the situation, he decides to essentially live on this front lawn. And in the process of that, he has a yard sale, thus the title 'Everything Must Go' and kind of figures out his life in the process."

Co-anchor Chris Wragge noted the shoot was done in 10 days in Arizona without the flounces of a big production.

Ferrell said he was attracted to that aspect of the independent movie project.

He said, "It was such a unique premise, and it was an opportunity for me to get to do something very real, you know, it's a character that's extremely relatable to everyone."

Wragge remarked, "It's funny because i went into watching this movie not really knowing what it was about, rather and there was times where I wanted to laugh but I wasn't sure if I did laugh and then I did laugh. Then I felt guilty for laughing. But there are some moments that are sort of organically funny in the movie. Not laugh-out-loud hysterics, but you can see the humor."

Ferrell said, "It's a very subtle comedy. At the same time, it's, you know, there's a lot of dramatic moments. And that's what I love about it. It's just a real story, and like real life, there's times when you cry, and times when you laugh. And it kind of encompasses all that."

Wragge noted in the movie Ferrell's character befriends a neighborhood kid that is played by rapper Notorious B.I.G.'s son, Christopher Jordan Wallace.

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Ferrell said, "We had to audition a bunch of kids for that part and he's kind of -- he's the neighborhood kid who doesn't have anything to do and kind of befriends me, and he's -- he's an excellent actor. And did such a great job."

"Everything Must Go" is now in theaters.

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