Will Balloon Boy's Parents Richard and Mayumi Heene Serve Jail Time?

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS/AP) It's the moment of truth for "Balloon Boy" parents Richard and Mayumi Heene. This week the reality show-seeking Colorado couple will be sentenced for fabricating a story about their son floating off in a silver balloon and they could face jail time for their antics, sheriff's officials said Monday.

Photo: The Heene family on The Early Show Oct. 16, 2009 moments before Falcon Heene, second from right, puked on his father.

PICTURES: The Bizarre "Balloon Boy" Incident

The pair is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday in a Larimar County court. Richard Heene is "going to beg that the judge not send his wife to jail," his attorney David Lane said Monday.

Photo: A man chases the silver balloon that stole America's heart Oct. 15, 2009.

PICTURES: The Bizarre "Balloon Boy" Incident

On Oct. 15, the Heene family riveted the country's attention as television news networks fixated on the live image of a silver balloon streaking across the deep blue Colorado sky. The Heene family had said their son, Falcon, was on board and feared he might plummet to his death. America held its breath. But when the balloon landed, Falcon was not inside.

Photo: Falcon Heene, 6, outside his family's Colorado home, Oct. 16, 2009.

PICTURES: The Bizarre "Balloon Boy" Incident

Later he emerged unharmed from the Heene home and the Heene family appeared on every news program that would have them to explain their story.

But their run at fame unraveled quickly as young Falcon let it slip on CNN that the balloon adventure was made for television. Later, the truth flew out of Falcon as the conflicted child vomited on his father during two morning shows.

Last month, Richard Heene pleaded guilty to a felony count of falsely influencing the sheriff, while Mayumi Heene pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of knowingly filing a false report with emergency services.

Under terms of the plea agreements, Richard Heene faces up to 90 days in jail, probation and a fine. Mayumi Heene could get 60 days, likely to be served in a work-release program, and probation.

During Wednesday's sentencing a judge will also decide if the Heene's will get hit with the bill for sending law enforcement and the FAA on a wild chase. That number, according to Larimar County Sheriff's spokeswoman Eloise Campanella, is currently around $43,000.

Whatever their fate, the Heene's will face it alone. On Monday, Campanella said their investigation ruled out the possibility anyone else assisted the Heene's.

PICTURES: The Bizarre "Balloon Boy" Incident
Audio: Richard Heene's Frantic 911 Call

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