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Wikileaks Strikes Again

Wikileaks strikes again. This time its 200,000 plus diplomatic messages with content that's none too flattering to some of our allies. If people like Angela Merkel or Nicholas Sarkozy ever wondered what we say about them behind their backs, now they know. And while being called "risk averse" might seem like a putdown for Germany's Merkel, that's probably a plus in her homeland. And referring to Sarkozy as an "emperor with no clothes" will have the French president happily greeting the news that, at least the Americans recognize him for what he aspires to be. World diplomacy is a messy business. But, we find out just how unseemly it is when we discover that in exchange for taking a Guantanamo detainee Slovenia could gain an audience with President Obama. That kind of quid quo pro is enough to make your stomach turn.

Just a Minute....I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.

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