"Wife Swap" Mom Jamie Czerniawski Sexting Naked Firefighter Michael Biserta

(Family Photo)
Photo: Jamie Czerniawski.

NEW YORK (CBS) Pull the alarm! It's getting hot in here.

We are not sure, but someone might need to put out the fires of passion that have developed between Wife Swap star Jamie Czerniawski and FDNY full-frontal firefighter Michael Biserta.

Czerniawski was first in the news last June for allegedly stabbing her husband in a spousal Battle Royale Memorial Day weekend. The former Miss Teen New Jersey used a kitchen knife to slash her husband, Charles, in their home, according to court documents.

The Wife Swap mom claims that the knife-wielding "incident" was all in self-defense, and said that her husband became jealous—and abusive—after she got messages from a mutual male friend, who the New York Post now reports is none other than Guys Gone Wild naked hunk Michael Biserta, who has a "reputation"…shall we say...with the ladies.

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Photo: Michael Biserta.

It appears that the two traded sexually explicit messages right before the slash.

Czerniawski said her jealous husband pinned her against kitchen cabinets after he saw the naughty communications, saying that if he could not "have her, no one can."

Czerniawski went after the knife only after she was able to break free from her husband's grip, she contends.

"I was so scared I just closed my eyes and struck him," the blonde mother-of-three said to the Post. "If I didn't do it, I would have been dead."

The other man, "Five-Alarm Hunk" Biserta, is best known for igniting a New York City Fire Department scandal after being chosen as the cover boy for the FDNY's 2008 fund-raising calendar, despite having starred—in the buff—in the 2004 "Gone Wild" soft-core porn video before his time with the force.

Depsite Czerniawski being married and Biserta engaged to his longtime Staten Island girlfriend, the two apparently had a "thing."

(Family Photo)
Photo: Jamie and Charles Czerniawski.

The sexually explicit messages between the two occurred between May 12 and May 25, according to Monmouth County Divorce Court records obtained by the Post.

The lusty two planned to rendezvous in the steamy texts:

"I want to let you know just how f- - -ing bad I wanna f- - - you right now!!!! Can you get out??," Czerniawski typed in May 18 text.

"Want you," Biserta, who is set to marry next year, responded.

"Mmm, can't wait!!!!!!!!!," Czerniawski wrote back.

The two even seemed to discussed a potential firehouse romp.

"If your [sic] in Brooklyn you can stop by. [It] won't be like last time so I wouldn't even bother . . . it's usually not that quiet around the fh [firehouse] but we'll work something out . . ." Biserta wrote in one communication.

Beefy Biserta was never disciplined for the x-rated flick because it was produced before he joined the FDNY.

Biserta says that he was never "physically intimate" with Czerniawski.

"We spoke on Facebook a few times and realized we were both going down a bad path," said Biserta to the Post.

"I would like to deeply apologize to my family, and especially to the family of my fiance for embarassing them and myself."

Czerniawski was charged in Monmouth County with aggravated assault against her husband and is free on $75,000 bail.