Why this is the age of "megafires"

Go straight to the fireline with a team of "hot shot" firefighters, and learn why this is the age of "the megafire." Scott Pelley reports for 60 Minutes in 2007.

Why this is the age of "megafires"

Half of this country's resources for fighting wildfires is now in Colorado, battling wildfires that are still on the move in many parts of the Rocky Mountain state. In just one day, one of these infernos - the Waldo Canyon Fire - doubled in size, fueled by dry timber, strong winds, and high temperatures.

A few years ago, during one of the worst fire seasons in recorded history, Scott Pelley went out on the fire lines to investigate the rise of massive forest infernos called "megafires." In Idaho, Scott joined up with a team of "hot shot" firefighters as they tackled a fire that was raging all around them.

To learn what it takes to fight one of these infernos and why we're facing more and more fires of this size, watch Scott's 2007 report (above), "The Age of Megafires."

For an update on the Colorado fire, watch this report from the CBS Evening News: