Why Lena Dunham thanked Chad Lowe at Golden Globe Awards

Say what?

While accepting her Golden Globe Award for best actress in a TV comedy series or musical, Lena Dunham gave a shoutout to Chad Lowe.


Because the "Girls" creator had promised her mother and herself, Dunham said, that if she ever won such an award she wouldn't forget to thank Lowe. Hilary Swank, who was married to Lowe at the time, famously did forget him when she accepted her best actress Oscar in 2000 for ''Boys Don't Cry.''

It took the Golden Globes audience a few seconds to get the joke.

As for Lowe, he took to Twitter to joke: ''You forgot to thank me?! After all we've been through? I'm shocked.'' After his name started to trend on Twitter Sunday night, Lowe wrote: "Now that I'm trending worldwide (finally) does that mean I don't have to give my daughters a bath or change their diapers anymore?"