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Why is the CIA tweeting about puppies?

The Central Intelligence Agency's official Twitter account has been tweeting out plenty of photos of their latest K9 recruits, who are training to be CIA explosive detection canines. 

"Lulu wasn't interested in searching for explosives. Even when motivated w food & play, she was clearly no longer enjoying herself," reads one tweet that went viral.  

In response to an inquiry from CBS News, a CIA spokesperson explained the agency's latest social media push.

"CIA uses its social media and website to, among other things, educate the public about CIA," the CIA spokesperson said. "We believed a series of stories about CIA's nationally-recognized and award-winning program for training dogs to be 'Explosive Detection Canines' would be insightful and interesting."

"The story began weeks ago, with picking out the new pups, and followed them as they progressed through the six-week course of imprint training and getting paired with their human partner.  This is followed by another ten weeks of advanced training, national certification test, and for those that make it, graduation in November," the spokesperson said. 

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