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Why Elizabeth Warren didn't run for president

Sen. Elizabeth Warren didn’t run for president last year because she says her husband warned her that it would be a more grueling bid than her 2012 Senate campaign, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Massachusetts Democrat wrote about this in her new book that will be released next week, the report said.

Warren, 67, said her husband told her, “a race like this one looks pretty terrible. The Senate thing was bad enough, and running for president would be worse—a lot worse.”

Her 2012 senate race against incumbent Sen. Scott Brown, a Republican, was a difficult one. It developed ugly racial overtones, with Brown accusing Warren of having falsely claimed Native American heritage. The $82 million race was also the most expensive congressional race in 2012 and the most expensive election in Massachusetts history. Warren has served in the Senate since 2013, after defeating Brown. 

She added that her husband did give her the green light to run in 2016, but she said, “Talking with Bruce and asking the question out loud had settled it. I wanted to stay buckled down and keep doing my job—my Senate job—as completely and as effectively as I could.”

After letting the primary fight between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton play out, Warren ultimately threw her support to Clinton in June, a few days after Clinton had clinched the Democratic nomination. Warren is considered to be a potential 2020 contender

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