Why Coach Mike Krzyzewski is ending stint as Olympic USA men's basketball coach

(CBS News) Coach Mike Krzyzewski has decided to end his stint as coach of the USA men's basketball team.

Krzyzewski - nicknamed "Coach K" - led the team to gold against Spain Sunday, winning 107-100. It was the second straight gold for the USA team under his leadership. Since 2005, Krzyzewski has led the U.S. team to an amazing 62-1 record.

But now he's calling it quits. Wednesday on "CBS This Morning," he said, joking, "If Spain hit a few more shots, then they'd be helping me out the door." He added, "It's time. I'm going to stay involved with USA basketball and try to help continue the momentum we have. We have three straight championships with Beijing, the gold medal there and then world championships in Istanbul in '10. Now the gold in London. We got to get our teams ready for Madrid for the world championships in '14 and the Olympics in Rio in '16. I'll try to help in another capacity in getting us prepared."

Krzyzewski is best known for his long and successful tenure as Duke University's head coach. Krzyzewski has directed the Duke Blue Devils to 10 Final Fours, third-most by any coach in NCAA history. His 71 NCAA Tournament victories stand as the all-time record, according to his website.

Asked how he managed 12 of the NBA's brightest stars who often make headlines as much for their egos as their wins, Krzyzewski said, "They're really good guys. They're professionals. They get it. They're brilliant. They want to play for the U.S., so it's not like me having to do some magical things to get them they want to do that. They want to do that. They want to cooperate. And then you are honest with one another and we've gotten to know each other over the years. So there's familiarity, there's friendship, there's trust and - but it comes from them. They were never a problem. Not one second. And totally - all of them, to a man say, 'Coach, I'll do whatever you want me to do to win the gold medal.' ... They're terrific."

In the winning game, the world saw an exuberant side of Team USA and the usually cool Krzyzewski. "Watching them celebrate at the end of the game, I think that's what everybody loved. Because we see them as these magnificent stars, which they are, but they're real people and they're real guys who want to win a basketball game and they want to win a basketball game for their country. They did and it was fantastic."

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