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Why aren't you listening to Girls right now?

Girls: Chet "JR" White and Christopher Owens, from left Sandy Kim

(CBS) The back story of the band Girls has been described as "epically sad and squalid" and you can hear that sadness - along with what sounds like joy and catharsis - on the band's new track, "Vomit." The quiet opening, an alternately picked and strummed electric guitar, serves as introduction to the hushed voice of Christopher Owens as he sings, "Nights I spend alone, I spend them running around looking for you" over and over.

(Click through to listen to "Vomit" by Girls)

His voice doesn't rise above that initial whisper and at some points gets buried beneath - without getting lost - the track's different sections, which alternate between quiet and plaintive, bombastic and guitar-heavy and organ-drenched. To round things out, the coda, which ends with Owens singing "Come into my heart" repeatedly, features a gospel choir.

The track has a surprisingly bouncy bass line, smart lead guitar accents, big drums sounds and a sense of pacing that uses the different sections of its arrangement to full effect.

Girls is Owens and Chet "JR" White with drummer Darren Weiss and guitarist John Anderson. The band's latest album, its second full-length, "Father, Son, Holy Ghost," comes out Sept. 13. Girls begins a month-long tour Sept. 14 in Athens, Ga.

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