Who's The Next To Go?

The street in the Lower Ninth Ward is covered in heavy dried mud as the water begins to drain from the area, in this Sept. 26, 2005 file photo in New Orleans. Rita struck two years ago, Sept. 24, 2005, a Category 3 storm whose 120-mph(193-kph)winds and 9-foot (2 3/4-meter) storm surge ruined every structure in the southwestern Louisiana towns of Johnson Bayou and Holly Beach, bringing similar destruction to southeastern Texas. (AP Photo/Ric Francis,File)
AP (file) viewers who participated in the weekly Who's the Next to Go on Survivor poll have weighed in with their votes.

For a second week in a row -- by a huge margin -- they choose teacher Sean Rector to get the boot. And his numbers are skyrocketing. He garnered a whopping 62 percent of the vote. Last week, 29.4 percent thought he'd be a goner.

In second place is teammate Rob Mariano with 14 percent. Last week, somewhat surprisingly, the construction foreman didn't receive a single vote. Perhaps viewers are no longer buying into his philosophy that he's going to get people to do what he wants, without them knowing it.

Under-appreciated food-finder Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien was next with 7 percent. Could her bossiness be hurting her?

Nature guide Gina Crews is fourth with 6 percent. Last week 27.5 percent thought she'd be gone. The tribal switcheroos probably helped her out.

Vecepia "Vee" Towery, formerly of the dysfunctional Maraamu tribe, and now a member of Rotu, came in fifth place with 2 percent.

Tied for sixth place with 1 percent of the vote were good guy Gabriel Cade, crime writer Tammy Leitner and "Lobster Lady" Zoe Zanidakis.

Aspiring lawyer and former medic John Carroll, Superior Court Judge Paschal English, limousine driver Robert DeCanio and nice Neleh Dennis didn't get any votes.

What will happen next on Survivor: Marquesas? Will the new Maraamu tribe finely get its act together? Will the Rotu tribe be rocked by the new, self-admittedly lazier, members?

It's anyone's guess. As always, on Survivor, anything can, and does, happen.