Who's The Next To Go?

The street in the Lower Ninth Ward is covered in heavy dried mud as the water begins to drain from the area, in this Sept. 26, 2005 file photo in New Orleans. Rita struck two years ago, Sept. 24, 2005, a Category 3 storm whose 120-mph(193-kph)winds and 9-foot (2 3/4-meter) storm surge ruined every structure in the southwestern Louisiana towns of Johnson Bayou and Holly Beach, bringing similar destruction to southeastern Texas. (AP Photo/Ric Francis,File)
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Last week, in a somewhat surprising unanimous vote, good-guy Gabriel Cade was voted off Survivor: Marquesas by his fellow castaways. CBSNews.com viewers had picked surly school teacher Sean Rector to get the boot.

And they haven't changed their minds. For the third week in a row, respondents to the "Who's Next To Go?" survey say Sean should say so long. Thirty-three percent want him off the island.

In second place - for the second week in a row - is fellow-teammate Rob Mariano. A total of 28.2 percent of thos ehwo took the survey voted him off. (What is it about these two guys that viewers see that the survivors don't?)

In third place with 19.1 percent of the vote is aspiring lawyer and former medic John Carroll. Has he shown his hand too soon? In the battle for control of Rotu, who will win - John or Rob?

Limo driver Robert DeCanio is next with 3.6 percent. Last week, not a single viewer wanted him to go.

Coming in at number five with 2.9 percent of the vote is nature guide and only original Maraamu tribe member Gina Crews.

Tied for sixth place are Vecepia "Vee" Towery, formerly of the dysfunctional Maraamu tribe, and now a member of Rotu and one-time under-appreciated food-finder Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien.

Superior Court Judge Paschal English and crime writer Tammy Leitner also tied in the voting with 2.2 percent of viewers wanting them gone.

Lobster lady Zoe Zanidakis got 1.8 percent of the vote, up just a hair from last week's vote.

And it looks as though Neleh Dennis is the crowd pleaser. For the third week in a row, she placed last in the voting. Only 1.4 percent of responding viewers thought she should go.

Who will be the next castaway voted off Survivor: Marquesas? Will the survivors see the light and shun Sean? Will they see through Rob's manipulations? Or with all the twists and turns in the game, will another surprise end up outing one of the less controversial contestants?