"Who's the Daddy?" school assignment irks Michigan parent

A parent complained when, as a homework assignment, students were asked to determine the father of a baby

CBS News

ROMEO, Mich. - A biology homework assignment went badly wrong in a Michigan school when students were asked to help a mother determine the father of her baby, according to the CBS station in Detroit.

The ninth-graders were asked to chose from among the cable guy, the mailman, the cab driver, the bartender and the guy at the club, reported Sandra McNeill of WWJ.

That did not sit well with one parent, who sent back an incomplete assignment with a note: "We teach our children not to sleep around."

The superintendent of the Romeo schools, about 30 miles north of Detroit, told McNeill that the assignment was meant to teach the students about blood types and DNA.

"But, again, this painted a picture, I think, that was not appropriate," Superintendent Nancy Campbell told WWJ.

Campbell said that the teacher, who found the assignment on a teaching website, had apologized.