Who's Hiring for the Holidays

Think it's annoying to see holiday reminders already starting to creep into stores? For many out of work Americans, it's the opposite. Retailers are expected to add between 550,000 and 650,000 jobs this holiday season -- a welcome relief for many looking for temporary work. And now is the time to apply!

CBS News Business and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis shared some tips on where the jobs will be this holiday season and how you can capitalize on these opportunities.

So why is job hiring such a big deal this year?

Jarvis explained, "These are significant jobs. When you think about it, 14.9 million people in this country are counted as unemployed. Millions of those people have been unemployed for more than six months. So, this is an opportunity for those individuals, in particular, to get back on that horse, to start working again. That 650,000 number is above where we are last year. Last year, the economy added about 501,000 temporary jobs this time of year. Because, in part, of that, but also because they were adding temporary jobs. Of course, it tends to be the time where retailers hire, because it tends to be the time retailers make money."

So who is hiring?

Jarvis said, "There is a wide range of the kinds of companies that need holiday hires -- it's not just clothing sales people!"

Jarvis said these retailers are currently looking for holiday help:

Macy's - 65,000 (sales clerks, distribution center)
UPS - 50,000 (drivers, helpers, and package handlers)
Toys R Us - 45,000 (This doubles their workforce; about 10,000 more than a year ago - to work in 600 pop-up stores.)
Kohls - 40,000 (In-store sales clerks, greeters, gift wrappers, also distribution center and a few credit services people)
Best Buy - 29,000 (The No. 1 electronics retailer says increased demand for flat-screen TVs and other gear is behind the decision to hire more seasonal staff)

As for pay, Jarvis said retail jobs can range from minimum wage, $7.25 to $11 per hour for those with little experience, to $25 to $40 an hour for experienced sales leaders at high-end stores.

She added, "The important thing is what you do with the job when you have it. You want to make a great impression. Like I said, so many millions of people have been out of work for so long in this country, if you can get a job at this point in the year, it just increases your chance of getting a job and having something longer term on your resume."

Jarvis continued, "I spoke to someone at UPS (one of the companies listed above) he's been with UPS 32 years. He worked one Christmas when he was 17, and two weeks after the holidays, they called him in for full-time employment."

But will this employment surge affect the unemployment rate?

Jarvis said, "The reality is probably slim. It may move the unemployment rate temporarily, but the important thing what it will do in terms of allowing consumers to feel a bit better and for those people looking for relief for a long time, it will make obviously an impact in their own lives."