Who Will Democrats Run to Replace Evan Bayh?

Evan Bayh's Senate seat is up for grabs now that the Democrat is no longer seeking re-election this year, and the Democratic establishment has weeks to choose a candidate to run for the seat.

Bayh announced his retirement less than 24 hours before the filing deadline for Senate primary candidates in Indiana. With no Democrats ready to file within that time span, the Indiana Democratic Party will get to pick its nominee. The party's executive committee will decide on its nominee in the next six weeks, the Hill reports.

Meanwhile, Republicans have at least four candidates in the GOP primary, meaning the state will be subject to in-party fighting for weeks before a Democratic contender is announced. Former Sen. Dan Coats is the favored GOP candidate.

Democrats may be considering for their nominee state Senate Minority Leader Vi Simpson, Rep. Baron Hill or Rep. Brad Ellsworth, according to the Hill. Unnamed Democratic sources told Politico that Ellsworth may be the establishment favorite.

"I appreciate the support of those Hoosiers who have already encouraged me to run for Senator Bayh's seat," Ellsworth said in a statement. "The next step will be taking a few days to talk to my wife and to folks in Indiana about where I can best serve our state."

Today on the CBS "Early Show", Bayh said, "I am highly confident that we will have a candidate for the United States Senate who will be very competitive and have an excellent chance of winning this seat in November."