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Who Wants To Be A Superhero?

First let me ask, are these people serious? Are they just great actors or do they really think they are superheroes? They NEVER break character.

There are only three superheroes left: Fat Momma, Feedback and Major Victory.

Their challenge is to visit a school and tell the story about how they came to be a superhero, then the kids will vote for their favorite superhero. Before they start the competition, Stan Lee has a gift for the three finalists: a mock cover of what their comic book would look like. They all are pretty cool, but Fat Momma's face on the cover is a little scary. She has a mean scowl going on.

Feedback goes first and he gets off to a rough start. His story is a little hard for the kids to understand. One child asks what his favorite video game is and he says "pong." Kids have no idea what pong is … I barely know what that is!

Fat Momma does a great job. She starts of with a song to get the kids excited. She also relates to the kids by giving a lesson of just being yourself and not treating others bad. Be unique.

Major Victory is my favorite. I think he's hilarious and he really thinks he is a superhero. This guy is some kind of crazy! He is funny and goofy and kids like that.

The kids pick Fat Momma as the winner!

The next challenge is to find Dark Enforcer as he runs around Universal City Walk (plug!). They follow a series of clues around the park that are hidden on strangers walking around. One clue leads to another that will eventually lead to the Dark Enforcers location.

Fat Momma spends more time eating than looking for clues, but Major Victory and Feedback are cruising right along. Major Victory wins the competition, and is funny as all heck along the way. This guy has to win because I think he's the only one who REALLY believes he is a superhero.

Elimination time. Fat Momma has a major breakdown and feels like she doesn't want it as much as Feedback, so she asks to be taken out of the show. But her teammates convincer her to stick it out and let Stan decide. Stan can let any of them go tonight as he found pluses and minuses in all of them during both of their challenges. Stan decides it's time for Major Victory to go home.

WHAT??!!! After Fat Momma said she wanted to quit you still keep her? I am confused. I think that was a big mistake. Now it's clear that Feedback is going to win it all.

Stan gives Major Victory one last gift on the way out: he reunites Major Victory (Chris) with his daughter by letting him talk to her on the phone right there. AWW ... OK, enough.