Who Mark Zuckerberg admires most

When Lesley Stahl interviewed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, she was surprised to learn who he admires as a CEO

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Lesley Stahl has interviewed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg twice for 60 Minutes. She first spoke to him in 2007, when Zuckerberg was at the tender age of 23 and his company had 50 million users. Since then, Facebook has grown to 500 million users, and the story of the company's beginnings has been featured in a Hollywood movie called "The Social Network."

Watch part 1 of Lesley Stahl's report.

Watch part 2 of Lesley Stahl's report.

Lesley returned to Palo Alto a few weeks ago to interview Zuckerberg again, and she was surprised by what she found. In this week's Correspondent Candid, Lesley tells "60 Minutes Overtime" Editor Ann Silvio all about Mark Zuckerberg, what he thinks of the new Facebook movie, and who he admires as a CEO.