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Who Loves Raymond? Lots Of Fans

Everybody Loves Raymond gets a lot of laughs by showing the life of a fictional sports writer named Ray Barone, played by Ray Romano.

The show is in its third season, but a special issue of Entertainment Weekly includes Everybody Loves Raymond among its top 100 television shows of all time.

"I think it's completely appropriate," says executive producer Phil Rosenthal. "We're thrilled and shocked. We're the youngest show on that list. We justÂ…couldn't be more flattered."

Doris Roberts, Romano's TV mom, says it pleases her when fans say, "You're just like my mother!" because it tells her that she's playing her character as true to life.

Brad Garrett, who plays Romano's brother on the show, proposed to his fiancee, Jill, during a taping of the show a couple of months ago. She's expecting the couple's first child any day now.

Peter Boyle, who is known as a film actor, plays Ray's father. He says changing gears from movies to TV isn't that difficult. "You just have to know your lines," he says. "Whenever there is a big silence in the rehearsals, I know I have to say something. But it's a lot of fun working with these people, because they're great."

For Romano himself, his TV show isn't the only iron in the fire. He has written a book of family situation humor, Everything and a Kite.

For more on Everybody Loves Raymond, visit the official website.

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