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Who Has Haleigh Cummings?

Misty Cummings blamed someone on "the other side of the family" for the disappearance of her 5-year-old stepdaughter Haleigh in part one of her exclusive interview Friday on "The Early Show."

But who did Cummings mean by "the other side"?

Cummings, who was babysitting Haleigh the night she disappeared in February, explained in part two of her interview that she meant someone on Haleigh's biological mother's side of the family.

Though Misty Cummings said she doesn't think Haleigh's natural mother, Crystal Sheffield, had anything to do with the disappearance, she said, "(Crystal) wasn't close with her daughter. She admitted that they didn't have a close relationship," Misty said. "... I don't think she personally had anything to do with it, just someone on her side of the family."

Haleigh Cummings' Stepmom Speaks Out

Cummings is currently a suspect in the case; she says she was sleeping beside Haleigh when she disappeared. But police say her story doesn't add up.

The 17-year-old stepmom, according to police, has failed to provide a detailed account of that night, and physical evidence contradicts what she told investigators.

Ronald Cummings, Haleigh's father, who married Misty a month after Haleigh's disappearance, has said through his attorney that he has noticed some discrepancies in Misty's story.

Terry Shoemaker, Ron Cummings' attorney said on "The Early Show," "(Ronald) always thought that she told the truth. He has had some concerns regarding what she has said, some discrepancies between different statements, but he has stood by her all along."

"She Wasn't There When I Woke Up"

Ronald, who was to appear on "The Early Show" with his lawyer, couldn't make the interview because of a family illness, Shoemaker said.

Ronald Cummings is now divorcing Misty, Shoemaker said -- not because Ronald doubts her story -- but because the pressure of the ongoing investigation into Haleigh's disappearance had been building up in the household.

As for Misty Cummings' claims about Sheffield's family, Shoemaker said Ronald Cummings has talked to Florida police about them, but he hasn't accused anyone.

"He doesn't know what took place that night," Shoemaker said, "And he said wants everybody to be looked in to."

And "everybody" includes his current wife, whose story, Shoemaker said, Ronald Cummings doubts somewhat.

Missing Girl's Sitter's Story Doubted

"He in no way believes that she was involved whatsoever. ... She has changed her story a little here and there," Shoemaker said, "but nothing major."

But Misty Cummings says her story of the night Haleigh went missing hasn't changed. "It's the same, it's the truth," she told Rodriguez.

Misty Cummings claims that in the middle of the night she discovered Haleigh had vanished from her bed. In February, she said that she found the trailer's back door wide open.

Cummings was also babysitting Haleigh's younger brother, Ronald Cummings Jr.

Cummings told Rodriguez she put Haleigh to bed at 8 p.m., and the last time she saw the little girl was at 10 p.m. when she herself was going to bed.

But, Rodriguez pointed out, Misty Cummings' own brother told police that when he went to the trailer that night, his sister wasn't there.

Cummings responded that she didn't leave the house at all that night. She said her brother is trying to get out of jail by implicating her.

"Your own brother would betray you like that?" Rodriguez asked.

"That's how my family is," Cummings said.

Although Florida police have focused their attention on Misty Cummings, Rodriguez said, they appear to be no closer to making an arrest.

Cummings told Rodriguez she's "100 percent positive" she had nothing to do with Haleigh's disappearance and that she doesn't know who did.

Florida police are still considering Cummings a suspect as the investigation goes forward.

"If that's what they got to do to find Haleigh, then look into me," she said. "But they just need to move on, look for the right person because I'm not the right person."

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