Who do Nevada Democrats want for governor? None of the above

An electronic voting card and "I Voted" stickers are seen at a polling place November 6, 2012 in Sparks, Nevada.

Max Whittaker, Getty Images

Nearly 30 percent of Democratic voters in the Nevada primary chose the option "none of these candidates" instead of the eight candidates running in the gubernatorial primary.

The next highest vote-getter was Las Vegas resident Bob Goodman, who received about 25 percent of the vote, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Despite coming in second to "none," he will face Gov. Brian Sandoval - who received 90 percent of the GOP vote - in the general election this November.

University of Nevada, Reno political science professor Eric Herzik told the Review-Journal that it happened because most candidates spent no money to raise their name recognition, meaning many voters didn't know them.

According to the Review-Journal, this is not the first victory for the "none" option: it beat two Republicans running for the state's only congressional seat in the 1976 GOP primary, and also prevailed in the 1978 Republican congressional and secretary of state primary elections, and the 1986 Democratic treasurer's primary.

Nevadans were given the option to choose none of the candidates on the ballot beginning in 1975.

  • Rebecca Kaplan

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