Whitney Houston in recent interview: "I'm good"

Whitney Houston
American singer Whitney Houston performs on stage during the 183rd edition of the TV show "Wetten, dass..?" (Let's Make a Bet) on October 3, 2009 in Freiburg, southern Germany.

In a recent interview with "The Insider," Whitney Houston said she was "at a good pace" and that she felt like she was 35 years old.

She told Kevin Frazier, host of the show, "You know what, listen, I'm not 25 and -- I feel 35. I'm good. Let's leave it right there. I'm at a good pace. You know what I'm saying? I'm at a good pace. I want healthy projects."

Frazier had asked the star if she planned to record or appear in any upcoming movies.

Frazier, who interviewed Houston three months ago in Detroit, said on "CBS This Morning," the singer was "fine."

"You look at someone, and listen...you're wondering, 'What is her state? Is she OK?' And you know what, she was fine," Frazier said. "And so it's very, very bizarre to watch her now. I wait for Whitney to pop up someplace to be honest with you. You're waiting for her to show up."

Houston died on Saturday at the age of 48.

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Houston's last known performance was at a party for singer Kelly Price. Frazier said he spoke to Price who said Houston was having a great time at the event.

"(Price said Houston) was in a corner next to the stage with a group of people dancing, having a fantastic time," Frazier said. "She danced so much, she was sweaty and she -- Kelly even joked -- she almost danced her hair extensions out. But that was it was a great moment for her because as they stood toe-to-toe and they were singing, that it was Whitney as her mentor and her big sister, not some kind of Whitney that was out of control."

Nancy O'Dell, host of "Entertainment Tonight," also appeared on "CBS This Morning." She said O'Dell has exclusive video of Houston leaving Price's party when the fans mob the star.

"Unlike the reports of her being a hot mess, the hot mess we now know, is from dancing on the chairs and being with her friends, an R&B party with her friends," O'Dell said. "So in defense of her, sounds like she was just having a great time."

For more with Frazier and O'Dell on "CBS This Morning, watch the video in the player above. Also, for exclusives on Whitney Houston's life and death, watch "Entertainment Tonight." Check your local listings.