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White House Needs Some Rebranding

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Sept. 8, 2010

White House Needs Some Rebranding

Maybe it's too late. President Obama has lots of new plans for tax breaks and mini-stimulus packages to help get people back to work. With just two months until the mid-term elections, the ideas, while certainly not without merit, feel a little desperate. No Republican on the planet will support the plans. Not until after November, anyway. And with the president's poll numbers on the decline and polls showing possible big gains for the Republicans in the House and Senate, from a political perspective, why would you? Now, the President can say, "Look what we're trying to do. The Republicans aren't pitching in." But it doesn't feel like anyone is listening. The White House needs to do some rebranding. Weeks and months of attacks and smears have basically gone unanswered. That's why so many Americans think Barack Obama is a Muslim socialist. It's almost as if the man who talked his way to the White House has lost his voice.

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