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There is a nationwide shortage of White Claw hard seltzer

White Claw Weekend and White Claw Wednesday might now be a thing of the past. America is running out of the trendy hard seltzer due to its massive spike in popularity.

"We are working around the clock to increase current supply and total capacity heading into 2020 so that we can get every consumer White Claw when they want it," White Claw president Phil Rosse told CBS News in a statement.

Rosse said distributors have been on allocation — meaning White Claw has limited the amount of product it ships out instead of offering an unlimited supply — since last September. With the "tremendous response" from consumers, Rosse said the "supply chain has tightened." 

While the brand, owned by the same company that makes Mike's Hard Lemonade, hasn't specified when the supply could rebound, Rosse said he expects to have distributors on allocation "until we get back to a normalized safety stock position."

News of the shortage has led fans in some areas to panic and attempt to stockpile the beverage, reports CBS Pittsburgh. One beer distributor in Brentwood, Pennsylvania told the outlet his phone was ringing off the hook with customers asking if there was any White Claw left. The man, identified only as Tom, said he couldn't make 39 cases of the drink last through Friday due to the high demand.

The beverage has been around since 2016, but gained widespread popularity this summer. The brand is growing at 260% for its third consecutive year, according to Rosse.

The drink is in the top 25 brands among malt beverages and beers, with sales speeding past all craft beer brands save for Blue Moon Belgian White, reported CBS affiliate WDJT-TV in July.

White Claw isn't the only hard seltzer on the market, with competitors Truly Hard Seltzer and Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer tempting consumers. Four Loko, an alcoholic beverage line once popular with millennials, appeared to be jumping on the hard seltzer trend this summer with a seltzer boasting a much higher alcohol-by-volume amount than its main competitors.

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