Which Terrorist Groups in Pakistan Linked to Shahzad?

Authorities know that Faisal Shazad visited Pakistan; the key question is whether he met with terrorist groups there -- and which groups. CBS News national security analyst Juan Zarate outlined possible contacts there for CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric.

A map of the different areas of Pakistan controlled by different terrorist groups

Faisal Shahzad told authorities here he learned to make bombs at a training camp in Pakistan. How many of these training camps are there?

It's hard to know, said Zarate, because there are numerous camps throughout Pakistan. And these aren't the large outdoor camps or compounds we're used to.

Second, there are a number of groups throughout Pakistan with different causes who are training thousands of operatives throughout the country:

Al Qaeda has a presence in the tribal areas in the west and in particularly North Waziristan.

The Pakistan Taliban is present throughout Western Pakistan including northwest province. And the leadership of the Afghan Taliban is thought to be in Quetta.

And the Kashmiri groups like Lashkar-e Tayyiba -- which was responsible for the Mumbai, India attacks -- has more of a presence in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir and in the settled parts of Pakistan, like Lahore.

CBS News national security analyst Juan Zarate

What we know, said Zarate, is that these camps exist throughout the country and operatives tend to mingle not only in them but in big cities like Kasmir. As well, places like Karachi.

The challenge has always been finding the westerners who are training in these camps and who are potentially being deployed out of them.

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