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Which Celebrity Babies Made The A-List?

When you think of influential Hollywood stars you probably think Clooney, Spielberg or Streep. But how about a 2-year-old named Pax? As Early Show consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen explains, some smaller celebrities may have more sway than you realize.

Small and cute, but packed with star power. They may be pint-sized but their popularity is off the charts.

"They can't walk, they can't talk, but they are a real power presence in the media," said Lacey Rose of looked at 50 celebrity children, analyzing their Web presence, articles, blogs and consumer interest - and came up with its first-ever list of Hollywood's 10 most influential babies.

Romeo and Cruz Beckham, Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn, Madonna's adopted son David, and Sam Woods, the daughter of golf great Tiger Woods.

"Influential can be applied to these kids if you look at the attention paid to them," Rose said.

According to Rose, the popularity of celebrity children relates to big money at the cash register.

Michele Jacobs is one mom who said if she sees one of these celebrity babies wearing something, she'll want to buy it for her own child.

Fame and fashion are good for business at Kidville New York on Manhattan's West Side. When asked if her shop would sell out of a shirt if a celebrity kids has been photographed wearing one, Leslie Venokur said, "Most likely yes."

And in Kidville's hair salon, it's clear Suri sells. Hairstylist Christine Cook says 20 parents come in asking for a "Suri."

And at the trendy Kitson Kids in Los Angeles, booties made popular by the tiniest Pitt sell out.

"That may be the last couple of pairs that we have," Sara Giller said.

Why such interest in these tots?

"People can't really relate to life on the red carpet, or life as an A-lister; what they can relate to is being a parent," Rose said.

And who tops the Celebrity Kids list?

The Jolie-Pitts - Pax and Zahara - come in at Nos. 5 and 3, respectively.

"Angelina and Brad have no question really brought attention to the adoption process," Rose said.

Britney Spears's son Sean is No. 4 on the list.

"In the case of Britney Spears everyone is watching and pointing fingers because they know how it's to be done and they are noticing that she is not doing it in the correct way," Rose said.

Suri cruises in at No. 2 - Rose said she's proved that kids can be good for your image.

"All of a sudden Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have become this fairy tale couple as a result of their daughter," said Rose. "She's humanized them and their relationship."

And No. 1 on the list - no surprise - Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

At just one year of age she's already popped up in more than 2,000 articles, and her first photo fetched more than $4 million.