Where's Monica?

President Clinton is back at the White House Friday morning after a fund-raiser in Boston Thursday night. Members of the House Judiciary Committee are meeting Friday morning on Capitol Hill. But one key player in the scandal is missing.

Where is Monica?

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There was a report, and then a rush to a scenic resort in Australia. Just the mere suggestion that somebody thought that they saw Lewinsky in Australia's far north has been enough to touch off media madness, Peter Harvey reports for CBS News from Sydney, Australia.

It's a remote and exclusive tourist resort on the East Coast, a "jumping-off point" for visitors to the Great Barrier Reef.

Within hours, locals were swearing it was all true. They had seen someone who was almost certainly Lewinsky on the beach at a marina, boarding a boat, and doing some shopping. Unfortunately, most of the sightings took place at the just about the same time.

Still, the media chase went on. At the same resort, in November 1996, President Clinton and the first lady had some relaxing moments during their tour of the country.

The Monica rumor gained more impetus when some insisted that her father bought a villa in Australia several years ago.

So far, no one has been able to find Lewinsky. But, says Harvey, there is a reliable report that Elvis is pumping gas at the local marinaÂ…