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Where Went Susan Boyle?

This story was filed by's London-based entertainment contributor Neil Sean.

Susan Boyle, the "Britain's Got Talent" runner-up who rocketed to global fame via YouTube, may greet holiday shoppers this year at London's iconic Harrods department store.

Harrods' bosses are keen to get the singing diva to sign on the dotted line early, for a reputed $83,000 performance during the store's renowned Christmas and New Year's sale.

Other stars, including Posh Spice and "Desperate Housewife" Eva Longoria have done the honors in past years, but it appears Harrods' higher-ups are after a way to get in touch with a broader fan-base.

A Harrods source says the store needs "to readdress the style of the customer at certain times, and she has touched so many members of the public with her drive and determination."

It's a brilliant blend of brands; the sheik, classic Harrods name with the "everywoman" Scottish spinster who made it big.

Boyle will apparently be taking her first-ever tour of the store soon - behind closed doors - in a bid by managers to win her over on the idea.

So what has Ms. Boyle been up to since she shot to fame and then quickly faded from the front pages?

Appearing recently on a U.S. show, SuBo, as she is not-quite-affectionately known here in the U.K., unveiled a dramatic new look, meant to give the diva a sleeker style.

A source close to the singer says she's "thrilled with the makeover," but other team members feel her original appeal has been washed away by over-the-top styling and beautification that may erode her fan-base at home. There are rumors, however, that she may end up on the front cover of one of the world's glossy magazines, a la "Vogue" or "Harpers Bizarre".

Susan is no fool - wiser than she appears on screen or in interviews, she has already bested the winners (dance troop "Diversity") of the talent show which made her name household conversation fodder around the world.

Boyle convinced Simon Cowell to sign her up for her now-forthcoming album release - three tracks are already in the bag: "Memory" from the musical "Cats"; "Cry me a River," the Julie London classic and, of course, "I Dreamed a Dream," her YouTube smash from the musical "Les Miserables".

Promotion plans are underway and Syco music, the album's producers, are already predicting a world-wide hit, with timely TV show appearances on both sides of the Atlantic, including planned visit with Oprah Winfrey.

While many Americans are still in love with the diva, it's a different story in Britain.

She has some publicity hurdles to conquer in the U.K. after a tabloid outburst of swearing and a stay at a posh retreat for therapy. A recent online poll shows her decision to be interviewed first on U.S. television did not go down very well at home. Many British fans used their hard-earned cash to vote her into fame in the first place.

Neil Sean is a U.K. entertainment columnist and TV commentator. His reports are heard on more than 100 U.K. radio stations and he has a show on The Biography Channel.
By Neil Sean