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Where To Get Help

The Internal Revenue Service offers a number of ways to get advice in preparing federal tax returns:


The IRS Web page is


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  • General tax assistance: 1-800-829-1040.
  • Recorded tax information: 1-800-829-4477.
  • Forms by mail: 1-800-829-3676.
  • Forms by fax: 1-703-368-9694.
  • Automated refund information: 1-800-829-4477.
  • Problem solving: 1-877-777-4778.


Forms, publications and tax help are available Monday through Friday at 400 local IRS offices. At 250 sites, walk-in assistance is available on Saturday as well through April 10. Call your local IRS office for more information.


The IRS 1998 CD-ROM can be ordered through the Internet site for $13, plus a $5 handling fee. Or taxpayers can call 1-877-233-6767 to order the disk for $20 plus the handling fee.


The IRS operates free Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sessions and Tax Counseling for the Elderly days during filing season at shopping centers, libraries, churches and community centers. Watch for announcements at these sites and in local newspapers, or call the IRS.

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