Where Is Our Zappa? Pt. 2

Frank Zappa
AP (file)
This is Part 2 of GameCore's column "Where Is Our Zappa?" For Part 1, click here.

Gore: I have listened to you a number of times on this issue, and I guess the statement that I want to get from you is whether or not you feel this concern is legitimate.

You feel very strongly about your position, and I understand that. You are very articulate and forceful.

But occasionally you give the impression that you think parents are just silly to be concerned at all.

FZ: No; that is not an accurate impression.

Gore: Well, please clarify it, then.

FZ: First of all, I think it is the parents' concern; it is not the government's concern.

Gore: The PMRC agrees with you on that.

FZ: Well, that does not come across in the way they have been speaking. The whole drift that I have gotten, based upon the media blitz that has attended the PMRC and its rise to infamy, is that they have a special plan, and it has smelled like legislation up until now.

There are too many things that look like hidden agendas involved with this. And I am a parent. I have got four children. Two of them are here. I want them to grow up in a country where they can think what they want to think, be what they want to be, and not what somebody's wife or somebody in Government makes them be.

I do not want to have that and I do not think you do either.

Gore: OK. But now you are back on the issue of government involvement. Let me say briefly on this point that the PMRC says repeatedly no legislation, no regulation, no government action. It certainly sounded clear to me.

And as far as a hidden agenda, I do not see one, hear one, or know of one.

FZ: OK, let me tell you why I have drawn these conclusions. First of all, they may say, we are not interested in legislation. But there are others who are, and because of their project bad things have happened in this country in the industry.

I believe there is actually some liability. Look at this. You have a situation where, even if you go for the lyric printed thing in the record, because of the tendency among Americans to be copycats -- one guy commits a murder, you get a copycat murder-now you've got copycat censors.