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Where Have All the Geckos Gone? Baltimore Brothers Charged with Nature Center Theft

Gecko (AP Photo, file)

BALTIMORE (CBS/AP) Baltimore police say two brothers, 11 and 14, have been charged as juveniles with stealing about a dozen reptiles and a hissing cockroach from a city-run nature center.

Is it a case of nature vs. nurture?

A police spokeswoman said Thursday the boys will face charges including theft and breaking and entering, and were released into their parents' custody.

Police said an iguana, geckos, chameleons, turtles and a wingless insect called a Madagascar hissing cockroach were taken in separate thefts from Baltimore's Carrie Murray Nature Center.

They say the suspects entered the nature center at night through unlocked doors or windows and carried away the critters. All were recovered and returned to the center Tuesday.