"Where America Stands," the Week Ahead

CBS News national security correspondent David Martin takes a look at America's military preparedness, this week.
CBS News Anchor Katie Couric gives a preview of upcoming stories this week.

Jobs are disappearing and in some industries may never return. What will it take to combat an unemployment rate that now hovers around 10 percent? CBS News business correspondent Anthony Mason has that story Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the U.S. military is the strongest and best equipped in the world. But the rules of modern warfare are constantly evolving. How will the military face unconventional future enemies in battles with no traditional frontlines? CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports.

CBS News correspondent Seth Doane reports on the war against obesity on Thursday night. One third of American children are overweight, and the toll it takes is both physical and emotional. Can we tip the scales back to lean and healthy in the new decade?

Water could soon be as precious as oil, and the battle for rights to fresh drinking water is already under way in the United States. On Friday, CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann takes you to Lake Mead near Las Vegas: a crucial water supply that may end up as dry as the desert dust.