When Wives Outearn Their Husbands

The latest Census Bureau figures show nearly one-third of married women make more money than their husbands.

That's just one indication that women are becoming more successful in the workplace.

But how does that affect their relationships with their men?

Kate White, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, visited The Early Show with some thoughts on that, and on balancing success and personal relationships.

Among the scenarios White discussed:


White says: "This is the easiest one to deal with because, if you're the local radio DJ star and he still makes more money, he may still define himself by his being able to provide for you. He can say to himself, 'I may not be a household name, but I bring home the bacon.' Her fame doesn't detract from his power, because he is providing the income. You still want him to feel good about himself, and can make him feel he's sharing in your fame."


White says: "This is one your guy may not have expected to have to deal with. It's the next generation who will have this happen more frequently. When you make more money, you have to let him carry the relationship in non-monetary ways. Maybe he's tough and strong and takes care of you. Money has to be 'our money.' "


White says: "This one is the worst and the trickiest to deal with. You are hit with the double-whammy of money and fame. You have to be careful not to rub it in his face — and at the same time, you can't go overboard by praising him. He has to get some recognition for what he provides to the relationship, but don't praise him in a way that is false."

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