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When Unhappy Campers Write Home

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NEW YORK (CBS) As many parents know, first-time campers are often unhappy campers -- at least at first.

You probably know all too well of the angst kids send home in letters to mom and dad.

But have you ever received been notified by your kid that a former instructor wasn't at camp this year because he was jailed for inhaling crack cocaine?

That's just one of the stories told in the many comical letters featured in a recent piece by "CBS News Sunday Morning" Correspondent Bill Geist. Geist took a look at a anguished collection of letters kids have sent home to their parents now featured in the book "P.S. I Hate It Here: Kid's Letters From Camp," compiled by Diane Falanga.


Have your kids sent you any letters like these? Have you ever investigated your kids' claims?

P.S. I Hate It Here: Kid's Letters From Camp Abrams Books; Compiled by Diane Falanga