When The Recession Hits Home

Last week I participated in a conference call with a group of mommy bloggers--women who blog for the sister sites of the Silicon Valley Moms Group. The topic was "Children of the Recession," how the economy has impacted the lives of kids all around the country. I wanted to tell them about our ongoing commitment to report these stories, but mostly I just wanted to listen…I figured they would have a good sense of what was happening in their own neighborhoods, and what resources are available for people who need them.

The truth is most families have been impacted by the recession to some degree. A recent CBS News poll found that 60% of parents have had to tell their children there was not enough money to buy some of the things they did before. For some families, that may mean cutting out vacations or extra birthday presents, but for others it may be more serious…like skipping visits to the doctor or cutting back on groceries.

The Silicon Valley Moms Blogs are devoting today to this important topic, asking their readers how the recession is impacting kids in their communities.

I wanted to give them a shout out, and encourage you to join the conversation.