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When Stadiums Go Down, Implosion Man Shows Up

Lou Woloszyn from Philadelpnia, Pa. dressed as implosion man, has attended 10 stadium implosions. He was on hand at Texas Stadium as it was imploded shortly after 7:00am in Irving, Texas, April 11, 2010

When Texas Stadium was blown to pieces Sunday, more than 20,000 people were on hand - including Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, former cheerleader Pam Seal, and ESPN's Chris Berman, who served as the master of ceremonies.

But any stadium razing would be incomplete without Lou Woloszyn, aka "Implosion Man." The Philadelphia man, who has attended 10 stadium implosions, was in full character in Irving, Texas (see photo above).

Woloszyn witnessed the implosion of Veteran's Stadium, the former home of the Philadelphia Phillies, in 2004.

And, according to the Gettysburg Times, he cheered on the demolition of the city's National Tower in 2000.