When Money Bugs Your Marriage

If you're married and you find yourself arguing about finances, you are not alone, About 40 percent of married couples admit to fighting over money. So the folks at The Saturday Early Show asked Jennifer Openshaw, family financial editor for AOL, to drop by with some tips on marital fidelity of the financial kind.

Money actually causes more fights than sex or in-laws, and Openshaw says 55 percent of couples hide financial assets from one another. A total of 40 percent admit they've lied to their spouse about a purchase

Openshaw is the host of "Winning Advice with Jennifer Openshaw," heard nationwide on ABC Radio. She's also CEO of Openshaw's Family Financial Network, which is designed to provide objective tools and financial planning for families and individuals.

Openshaw is also author of the book, "What's Your Net Worth?," a step-by-step financial empowerment guide for women and couples, which was the basis for a television show, which Openshaw hosted.

Further information about Openshaw may be obtained at her Web site.