When art realism makes you question what's actually real

(CBS News) I've got a fun challenge for you on this one. First, I'd recommend setting the video quality to high-definition. Second, before you actually even watch the video, cue it up to about 1:52 and see if you can tell which side is real and which side is a drawing.  You might be surprised.  And then, finally, watch this very impressive, real-time demonstration in artistic realism video above that is sure to blow you away. You really need to check this one out.

In a way this reminds me a bit of the "glitch in the Matrix"-like, water flowing optical illusion we showed you back in April, but without any illusion at all to it this time (just pure artistic talent). The fascinating real-time rendition of torn playing cards drawn in shockingly real form was done by artist Mark Crilley, who has definitely earned himself a big triple-rainbow salute of artistic talent from us here at The Feed.  To check out more amazing artistic feats of wonder by artist Mark Crilley, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.