Wheelchair lift stolen from family's backyard

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(CBS) LAWRENCE COUNTY, Pa. - A 500-pound wheelchair lift was stolen from a family's home in New Castle, Pa., but the family that owns it says it won't press charges.

They just want it back, CBS Pittsburgh reports.

"If you could just return it, no questions asked, you know I would appreciate it even if you just want to drop it off somewhere," said Lynn Nocera who owned the lift.

She had it for her 15-year-old daughter who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, which weighs 150 pounds alone. The metal lift sat in the family's backyard and went missing sometime in the last two weeks, Nocera said.

It was a backup in case she needed to replace the lift in her van, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

"I know times are tough, I know people need money," Nocera said. "It's for my daughter, it's a wheelchair lift."

Nocera and her family believe the ramp was taken to be sold for scrap.

She said it originally took three people to move it into her backyard when she got it.