What's Your Religious IQ?

So how much do you know about religion? Do you consider yourself a "religious" person or a "spiritual" person?

A new Pew Research Survey out today says that America is the most religious country among industrialized nations, yet we know little about religion: our own and even less about other religions.

(Scroll down to watch the video from Byron Pitts.)

The survey asked questions like, what is the first book in the Bible? What day does the Jewish Sabbath begin? What is the Dalai Lama's religion? Most Americans got it wrong.

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Stephen Prothero, professor of Religion at Boston University, says "we're a nation of religious illiterates."

It's clear that religion matters to most Americans. It's an important part of my life. Yet many people know very little about the history, traditions and the written word of their faiths.

Some of the experts we talked to said it is a dangerous trend for our nation, especially in the current climate internationally. We talked to a minister who said one of the great challenges her church faces is "teaching" people the word and getting followers to grow beyond the "feel good" parts of their religion.

Interesting enough, atheists knew the most about religion. It seems a person's education has a tremendous amount to do with how much they know about religion.

How much do you know? Could you, should you, know more?