What's Your Flu I.Q.?

Do you know the facts about flu? A lot of what many believe about the flu is just a myth, and that can be a dangerous thing since influenza kills about 36,000 Americans every year - more than twice the number who die from AIDS.

Dr. Holly Phillips visited The Saturday Early Show to help debunk the myths and give us some solid advice about what to do if you really do get the flu.

There are lots of people who think of the flu - influenza - as just a kind of bad cold. According to Dr. Phillips, "The flu is much worse than the sniffles or a regular cold. I know it's the flu when my patients come in saying 'I feel l like I just got run over by a truck.' It lasts longer - sometimes two weeks or more.

"It also comes with a high fever, chills and body aches. For some, the elderly or those with other medical issues for instance, it can be life threatening: 36,000 Americans die from it every year."

Here is the Saturday Early Show influenza quiz. The correct answers, along with Dr. Phillips' explanations, are on page 2.

1. Let's review some myths about the flu. The flu vaccine can give you the flu - true or false?

2. Antibiotics can fight the flu. Is this true?

3. There are effective treatments for the flu - true or false?

4. The "stomach flu" is a form of influenza - true or false?

5. If you get the flu, you can't get it again in that flu season. True or false?

6. This year's flu shot won't help protect you next year. Is it true?

7. Here's one your grandma may have told you - and she was pretty smart: Exposure to cold weather can cause the flu. What do you say?