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What's That In The Sky? It's Superprez!

Let's see what's on the public schedule today for President Obama.

Conduct a town meeting via the Internet with tens of thousands, do a bilingual appearance on Univsion. Get ready for the G-20 and NATO meeting next week, and meet with a bunch of CEOs tomorrow.

Fix the economy, and get his collage basketball brackets squared away. Obama is starting to appear to be Superprez.

He's everywhere at once. Simultaneously doing a dozen different things. The only thing missing is a cape or a mask.

Of course there always is a downside with superheroes. The brooding. The troubled souls. I can't remember with Superman, was Lois Lane his kryptonite or was it just kryptonite.

At the end of his news conference Tuesday evening we got a glimpse of the prevailing philosophy behind his governing. Perserverence.

It's not sexy or even vaguely threatening. But, it does have a way of deflecting sharp criticism, and maybe even saving the republic.
By Harry Smith